Red Sea

Red Sea Aquariums are the standard for a premier saltwater aquarium system. From All in one systems to full blown sump driven filtration with the Reefer series, each tank has the ability to become a true show piece in your home or office.

The all-new REEFER G2 series of Reef-Ready aquarium systems has improved upon the REEF-SPEC infrastructure of the original Red Sea REEFER series. With a new and revamped water management system, extra-fortified plywood cabinets, thicker and rimless glass, refugium-ready & ReefMat-compatible sumps, and extended warranty plans; the G2 REEFER aquarium series is designed to be the perfect canvas for the customized reef tank of your dreams!

Reefer 250 G2 System (54 Gal)
$ 1,999.00 USD
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Reefer 170 G2 System (33 Gal)
$ 1,449.00 USD
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Reefer XXL 625 G2 System (132 Gal)
$ 3,899.00 USD
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